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We work on the following fields: energy, environment, climate change, engineering, energy efficiency, renewable energy, bioenergy, biomass, biogass, hidroenergy, solar energy, heat pumps, heating, energy certification, CHP, ESCO, sustainability, climate change adaptation and mitigation, environment protection.

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  • Energy studies and analysis Development, EE and RES Action plans, SEAP, SECAP, etc.
  • Feasibility studies preliminary design of district heating system projects, cogeneration/ CHP (conventional and renewable energy resources) with ESCO model, PPP and others.
  • Implementation of studies, programmes and plans in energy efficiency and climate change.
  • Education of EE & RES according EU directives.
  • Development of energy audits and energy certification in residential and non-residential buildings;
  • Development of energy audits in industrial plants;
  • Analysis of profitability in projects where fossil fuels are replaced with renewable energy sources.
  • Development of RES and EE projects based on GHG emission reduction.
  • Development projects connected to energy market.
  • Consulting services for buildings, energy management and education on rational energy usage.
  • Cost-optimal analysis and feasibility studies in buildings and industry.
  • Involvement of RES in strategies and updating existing strategies.
  • Development, update and monitoring of NEEAP and NREAP.
  • Development of bioenergy and innovative technology sector;;
  • Development of strategies for development of renewable energy sector and impact on economic development.
  • Financing models of RES projects.
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management.
  • Coordination and energy sector support.
  • Development of basic project scenarios and strategies for development of renewable energy sector and their impact on economic sector.
  • Cooperation with companies from EU.
  • Preparation of pilot EE & RES projects.
  • CHP and net metering & net billing.
  • Support for projects on renewable resources.
  • Support the proposal, implementation and guidelines for investors;
  • Innovative RES technologies.
  • Integration of renewable energy on market.


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