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Provjera znanja MODUL 1 i MODUL  2 – 27.03.2021.

Provjera znanja MODUL 1 i MODUL 2 – 27.03.2021.

Provjera znanja MODUL 1 i MODUL 2 – 27.03.2021.​Federalno ministarstvo prostornog uređenja obavještava sve zainteresirane kandidate da mogu izvršiti prijavu za provjeru znanja za MODUL 1 i MODUL 2 (nosilac programa obuke „nLogic“  d.o.o  Sarajevo) koja će se održati...

nLogic Advisory

About us

nLogic Advisory is an expert platform with the idea of Expert Hub or Think Tank for experts from different areas of engineering, law, economy and other technical, natural and social sciences with the goal of expert and consultant services in energy sector, energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy sources (RES), environment protection, climate change and sustainable development.

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nLogic Advisory is the first expert platform in B&H with a professional network in the region of Western Balkan and EU and a long collaboration with experts from other countries, all based on common interest, connectivity, transfer of knowledge and experiences.


nLogic has developed specialties in field of energy efficiency and renewable energy, innovative financial and work energy models, such as ESCO (Energy Service Company), EPC and ESC (contracting energy and comfort), public-private partnerships, market oriented pricing mechanism, auctions green certificates (quarantines of origin), renewable energy sources and electricity production, emission trading schemes and so on.


We want to gather leading experts for energy, environment and climate change so that they can contribute to the common sustainable goal of environment protection, pollution and climate change, as well as give clients the optimal business solutions.

nLogic Advisory

nLogic team

Our interdisciplinary team has the expertise needed to give implementation of most complex projects. We have established cooperation with a large number of companies, independent consultants, academic workers as well as experts from the above mentioned areas of South East Europe and beyond. Members of our team are members of EcT (Energy Community Secretariat), IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) roster of experts.

nLogic team is capable of giving lead services of business consulting, including services such as consulting and research in fields of: sustainable development, climate change, energy, environment, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

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Join our team of successful and recognized experts for energy, environment and climate change! Send your CV to our e-mail:

We look forward to your application and interest.


Our experts have gained trust of many clients, and some of them are:




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