Professional training program for persons performing energy audit and certification of facilities with simple and complex technical systems

Training programs will be held in Sarajevo in the following terms:

MODUL 1 – from 15.02. to 02/19/2021 years

MODUL 2 – from 16.02. to 02/19/2021 years

nLogic Sarajevo is an authorized legal entity by the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning for the Holder of the Training Program for persons conducting energy audits of buildings and energy certification of buildings with a simple and complex technical system, Decision No: UPI / 04-19-105 / 20, and in accordance with By the Decree on Conditions for Granting and Revoking Authorizations for Performing Energy Audits and Energy Certification of Buildings (“Official Gazette of FBiH”, No. 87/18), it organizes professional training and development in the field of energy certification of buildings and performing energy audits (MODUL 1, MODUL 2). and MODUL 3).

Registration fees for individual modules of the Program are:

MODUL 1 – 1.500,00 BAM Price without PDV

MODUL 2 – 1.400,00 BAM Price without PDV

Note: The registration fee covers the costs of training and the fee for taking the exam

For the application of several candidates from the same organization / company, a registration fee discount of 10% is granted.

Candidates who successfully complete the Training Program receive a Certificate of Attendance of the Training Program issued by the Program Holder, and after successfully passing the exam the candidate obtains a Certificate issued by FMPU for an unlimited period, qualifying as an expert performing energy audits and / or energy certification of buildings. simple, ie complex technical systems and enters the register of certified auditors and certifiers at the FMPU.

By attending and completing these trainings, engineers of technical professions can expand their activities in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and provide engineering services through the development of legally prescribed obligations, as follows:

Study on energy performance of buildings – for all new buildings with the main project, as an integral part of the technical documentation determined by regulations, and for the purpose of obtaining a building permit;

  • By preparing energy audits – for all public buildings with a total usable area of ​​more than 500 m2, for new buildings before issuing a use permit and for all buildings that are sold, rented or leased;
  • Preparation of energy certificates – for all new buildings, for existing buildings or part of a building that is sold, rented or leased and for all public buildings, which have a usable area of ​​more than 500 m2 and for which the obligation to display an energy certificate is prescribed;
  • By preparing studies on the use of alternative energy supply systems – for all individual buildings, structures or groups of buildings when applying for an urban permit.

Lecturers in all training programs are experts (masters and doctors of science) in the field of architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, ie experienced designers and experts who have many successfully implemented projects, energy audits and certificates, and are recognized experts in energy efficiency. and renewable energy sources in BiH and beyond.

You can submit an application for the Training Program:

By e-mail or fax: +387 33 869 008


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Đoke Mazalića 2,
71000 Sarajevo
+387 33 869 008